Server description

General Informations:

Server Platfrom: Java Files (PTS OFF-LIKE)

Drop&Spoil: based on

Modern Client

Maximum Clients per HWID:

1+1 wiithout premium

1+3 with premium

Auto Learn Skills: up to 85lvl

Auto Loot: On

GM Shop: up to S grade

Mana Potions: Same as QHP

Auto CP/HP/MP: On

PvP zones: All epics & 3rb

Updates: Every 1-2 weeks

Certifications: Working on all subclasses

Classic War System

Daily Raid Boss

Game currency:

Adena - you can get it by killing monsters in the game world

Credits - special currency players can receive by supporting us

Donate coin - to get DC you need to exchange your credits 1:1.

Festival Adena -received for participating in events.


Olympiad start: 12.10.2020

Olympiad duration: Every week

Limit: 1 account(HWID).

Number of people required: 6

Max enchant: +6

Rewards: A little bit divided.

Classic War System:

Declaring war will also be available by killing enemy members(both sides). If one of the sides kill a member of the enemy clan (only PvP), the counter will increase by one. If the counter reaches 25 kills in one day between both clans, the war will be automatically accepted. What's more, both clans will get a punishment, if they cancel the war(removing one random Clan-skill). The penalty will last one day.

Server rates


Exp: x7

SP: x7

Adena: x7

Drop/Spoil: x5

Quest Items: x4

Quest Reward: x4

Epaulettes: x4

Raid Boss Drop: х2


Safe: +4

Max: +16

Enchant Chance: 60%

Blessed Enchant Chance: 66%

Progressive success rate (2% less each one)


Enchant Attribute: 60%

Enchant Crystal Attribute: 40%

Premium account: +5%


  • Twitch website integration
  • Twitch in game integration
  • Facebook

Twitch website

Go to settings in your MA panel

Click "Connect with twitch" button and sign in with your twitch account

Now you should be able to see your twitch logo and channel name. If your stream is live and meet the requirements it will appear on our main page soon.

Twitch in game

In game type .stream and put there your channel name

If your stream is live and meet the requirements you will be rewarded depending on the viewers count


Type .fb in game to see if there are any facebook tasks available


  • Improved epic jewelery
  • Queen Ant
  • Core
  • Orfen
  • Baium
  • Antharas
  • Valakas
  • Beleth

Improved epic jewelery

Improved Earring of Orfen - MP +31, Resistance to Bleed +20%/Mental attacks 5%, chance of Bleed attack +20%, and increase healing effects. When eqiupped with two identical earrings, the effect of only one earring will be applied

Improved Ring of Core - MP +21, +5% P.Atk, +3% PVP defence, Resistance to Poison +20%, Poison attack rate +20%, and increase Accuracy. When eqiupped with two identical rings, the effect of only one ring will be applied

Epic bosses

Queen Ant, Core, Orfen will spawn 12.10.2020

Baium, Antharas, Valakas after 1-2 weeks.

Queen Ant 40lvl: every 2 days 18:00 UTC +1h window

Core: every 2 days(random respawn)

Orfen: every 2 days(random respawn)

Baium: Friday(every week 18:00 UTC+2h window)

Antharas: Saturday(every 2 weeks 18:00UTC +2h window)

Valakas: Sunday(every 2 weeks 18:00 UTC +2h window)

Beleth: Monday(Every week 18:00 UTC +1h window)

Castles and Sieges

Weekly Castle Sieges – 1st Castle Sieges on 18th of October ONLY 5 CASTLES

1st Territory War on 24th of October 16:00 UTC!!

Dion Castle Siege every Sunday 16:00 UTC

Aden Castle Siege every Sunday 16:00 UTC

Rune Castle Siege every Sunday 16:00 UTC

Giran Castle Siege every Sunday 18:00 UTC

Gludio Castle Siege every Sunday 18:00 UTC


  • The character creation menu has been completely redone. Everything is clicked and has tooltips. Race, gender, class, person, hairstyle and hair color. Everything has a highlight and tips. Also, when creating characters, characters are generated by default randomly. Left a window with a hint in which direction further pumping will be.
  • Made a strip of caste as in the high chronicles. Almost completely coincides with the standard strip. Even the use of the nipple is taken into account. Which slightly accelerate the caste. In the strip there are all effects. The strip is also broken if the spell was broken.
  • Redone macro window. Now added up to 105 icons. Also shows tips that are written in the macro. You can minimize the macro window - in the end you get an additional socket with macros.
  • Added a window with templates and tips.
  • Fully redone radar window. Maps of cities are displayed.
  • The radar is not static (except for cities), outside the city, as in the standard, you can choose a rotating radar.
  • Redesigned inventory window. Made tab separation. Expansion and sorting.
  • Made a warning about the overflow of inventory.
  • If the items in the inventory are more than 80%, then the inscription of the number of items changes color to yellow, if 90% or more, the inscription changes color to red.
  • Created window exit - reboot. Shows the amount of experience and adena. Well, as in the original shows TROPHIES.
  • Implemented fly away damage. Because The patch is entirely multilanguage - then when you switch the language, the damage also changes. No restrictions on showing. Even if you beat very quickly - it will not overlap or be replaced. Animation included. Works for the character itself. If you are hit, the damage will fly off.
  • Other nice things are implemented, such as: resizing effect icons, changing the number of cells for expanding inventory, moving chat systems, switching the map with the language (requires restarting the game client), noblesses in debuffs, black noblesses icon, reduced size of the shortcut window

Daily events

  • Daily Gvg
  • Daily Rb
  • Daily Reward

Daily GvG

Every day at 16:00 UTC auto gvg will start with prize pool up to 90 dp. THIS PRIZES MAY CHANGE!

Daily Rb

Kain will appear every day (18:30 server time) in one of the following locations. In addition to a standard drop, similar to the one you can see on the Queen Ant, each player will receive a package with amazing prizes. The prize is awarded to every person who actively participates in killing Kain. In the graph below you can see the real chances for the item.

Tower of Insolence - 11th floor

Beast Farm

Dragon Valley entrance

Elven Village

Anghel Waterfall

Daily Reward

Receive a free prize once a day, subject to one condition. If you do not log in for a few days, your prize collection process will stop at the last reception. Prizes will automatically change every 14 days.